“The Arab Table is a timely reminder that whatever our cultural differences, they can be happily set aside at the table… Bsisu's book offers a host of delicious surprises. And whatever else may be the case you can be sure of a good appetite by the time dinner's ready. There is no better seasoning.”
          — The Boston Globe

     “Many food lovers on the East and West coasts imagine a kind of culinary wasteland in the vast in-between. So few of them would expect one of the best cookbooks of this year to come from Cincinnati.
     “Others have dabbled in writing recipes for the food of the Middle East, but few have been so thorough and satisfying. Bsisu's 369-page book, subtitled Recipes and Culinary Traditions, is rich with detail and stories to go with the splendid recipes, which are thoroughly explained and easy to follow. There also is a helpful section on the staples of the Arab pantry.
          — Newsday

     “American home cooks will find this a family-style, down-to-earth, insider exploration of Arab cuisine and culture.”
          — Publishers Weekly

     “So she doesn’t live in on Atlantic Avenue, but May Bsisu still delivers with The Arab Table.”
          — Time Out New York

     “It is not surprising Arab food should make good party food as it is entwined so completely with a tradition of hospitality.”
          — Gannett News Service

     “Any good ethnic cookbook that shades a repertoire of dishes and traditions is more than just a recipe book, but a direct way of outsiders to gain insight into another culture. The Arab culture is one that American turns away from or misunderstands. So The Arab Table has a mission. By writing and testing her recipes so carefully, using ingredients Americans can find in supermarkets, and telling the stories of her family, Bsisu hopes she has created a bridge between her worlds.
     “It is not surprising that Arab food should make wonderful party food, as it is entwined so completely with tradition of hospitality.”
          — Cincinnati Enquirer