Arab Table

Welcome to the Arab Table
What is the The Arab Table? The Arab Table is an amazing journey with May Bsisu through Arab culture – a rich story told through recipes, menus, feasts, fasts, and traditions. The site is based on May Bsisu’s highly-acclaimed cookbook—The Arab Table.

Here, May brings together the essence of her book, along with discoveries of her own heritage drawn from her extended family, friends and neighbors. The result is an invaluable resource for learning and experiencing the customs and traditions of this time-honored cuisine.

A culinary ambassador and more
Born in Jordan and now a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, May Bsisu is an ambassador of Arab culture and culinary traditions. May Bsisu has lived, eaten, and cooked in Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, and many other countries. But most important in her cooking, writing, and teaching is the authenticity of the foods and traditions of her Middle Eastern heritage.

May Bsisu fondly remembers the lavish, multi-course meals that included warming soups, the freshest of salads, infinite ways to prepare lamb, and a bounty of sweet treats. May shares to the customs and cooking of the Arab traditions celebrated at the table including:
  • Mubarakeh -- the celebration for the birth of a baby
  • Eid Al Adha -- the feast celebrating the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Ramadan – a fasting holiday that teaches patience, piety and an obligation to share with those less fortunate
Recipes and reasons
May Bsisu shares the recipes and reasons for these occasions and more, and explains it all with warmth and a deep understanding of these traditions. And May provides menus for each as a beautiful reflection of the breadth and depth of Arab culture.

May Bsisu has dedicated herself to preserving and teaching this healthful and flavorful cuisine. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, and Chefs Collaborative.